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Imagine thinking you’d won a fortune, only to be told that the slot machine had actually malfunctioned. It really does happen, perhaps more often than you might think. This website is dedicated to reporting on all of the casino bugs, machine malfunctions, and payout disputes around the globe. Both online and offline casino machines can experience these issues, and there have been cases where people have lost out on millions! Take a look through the stories, submit your own, and learn how to avoid casino bugs.

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Have you ever come across a bug or glitch while playing a casino game? It could have been at a land-based casino in Vegas or playing online in London. Wherever you are and whatever happened, we want to hear from you!

Did you hit the jackpot only to find out that the machine malfunctioned? Have you taken advantage of a slot game bug? Tell us exactly what happened and we could feature it right here, on the website. Send in as much information as you have so we can put together a story. Any pictures or proof you have should be sent over too.

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